Natural root form.

Relaxation in a unique Japanese fusion.

Striking exterior style rooms tradition of black, outbuilding wind in nature together cleverly to the connected by pedway reaches 80 m in length (future corridors).

Tatami floor type also added Ocean spirits spirit of harmony.

◆ guest rooms

◆ room facilities

* Rates include 1 night 2 meals(Per person)The fee is.
* Above prices are tax and hot spring tax amount.
* 1 day on Saturday and public holidays will be 1000 yen upcharge.
Please contact offseason home season by price fluctuations for details.

● rooms / apartments (11, 5 rooms, Western-style 2, cottage 5)
-Capacity: 100 people
-Entrance hall, Convention Hall, an observation tower, Jr (future corridors)
-Restaurant "primrose", "bamboo Yuri', corner hearth"asunaro", dining space"autumn cherry-Tei"
-Convention Hall "Sunflower", "sunset"
-Natural radon spas "gate 前jinn of water ' (large bath, open-air bath, sauna) main bathroom
● Japan garden