Toughness of hot water

"Jinobi" and is in the dialect of the town "feels good, calm down" of connotation and
It is a feeling that good feeling from the bottom of my heart.
Natural radon springs in Hokuriku unusual is the best.
Is difficult to muddy and loved by local people.

◆ toughness of hot water "baths" & turtle Yu

◆ changes in men and women.

Radon hot spring containing large amounts of a few aroma and soothing warmth mind giving abate relax.
Views of sunsets over the Japan Sea baths and nature and openness became one full bath, forgetting the time-I enjoy travel to disentangle chatter and mentally and physically tired rubbish.

◆ "lobby" & "saloon"

So-in the corner shop sells locally harvested vegetables as well as gift please