Noto seasonal dish dish, and put every effort
Western cooking plus Japanese-style dish twist.

Tradition and modernity harmoniously integrated restaurant main dining room for hotel guests as well as a lunch and tea available please feel free to.

Price is a tax without representation.

Shou Hua holiday feast

Wedding ceremonies and receptions, also to various parties, workshops, alumni take advantage please.
In the proud seasonal festive feast seat.

Seasonal Noto which colors spring, summer, fall and winter seasons.

The hotel boasts the nature of seasonal cuisine.
Dinner will be the semi-Western joined the Western-style grilled the meat menu.
Please forget at too luxurious to enliven the dinner extra dishes.

The ask us stay 3 days ago cooking add luxurious to enliven the dinner orders.

* You may not book in 3 days depending on the season.
Fit your budget in addition to above, also are available.
Please tell us.